Yoga Postures (asanas): Based on traditional Hatha Yoga practice, physical exertion through postures (asanas) are used to assist in bringing the body-mind connection back into balance. This includes creating greater awareness of the body as well as increasing understanding of the subtle principles of asana practice that we can be taken off the mat and into everyday life. These practices also bring balance to and strengthen all systems for increased health and wellness within the body-mind (cardiovascular/ circulatory, muscular, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, etc). These postures are introduced in combination with several therapeutic and tension releasing practices.

Breathing Practices (pranayama): Related to postures, breath control or more correctly translated as the control of life force energy relates to using the breath to increase awareness of and balance the subtle energy systems within the body-mind. As we learn to breath more effectively, we are better able to better control the movement of life force energy (prana) and use it to benefit the body-mind. 

Yoga Nidra: Translated as Yogic Sleep, this powerful practice draws the awareness inwards away from the external world and outside stimulus (pratyahara). By bringing the mind into altered states of consciousness whilst maintaining awareness, the conditions are set tap into layers or sheaths (koshas) within the subtle layers of the body-mind that have the ability to provide comfort as well as the potential to release unhelpful beliefs and thought patterns held within the sub-conscious.

Meditation: Meditation covers a broad variety of formats. The essence of meditation, however, is to increase the ability for sustained single-pointed concentration (dharana). Continued meditative practice brings a greater awareness of mental thought patterns. Over time and with consistency, these practices can alter states of consciousness into that of uninterrupted concentration, stillness or awareness without focus (dhyana).

Mindful Yoga Therapy: This evidence-based and empirically informed program was developed by Suzanne Manafort after her experiences teaching Yoga to Veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as part of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Residential Rehabilitation Program (PRRP) for close to two decades. Mindful Yoga Therapy uses five tools; Mindful Movement, Breathing, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Gratitude to assist in the management of issues related to trauma,  chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Although initially developed as a complementary treatment for Veterans suffering from PTSD, this program has been used to assist in the treatment of eating disorders, at risk youth, addiction recovery, post-operation rehabilitation and refugees impacted by war.

Mindfulness in Nature: Time spent mindfully in nature provides a unique experience to foster mental and physical health as well as being a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern living. In recent years a growing body of evidence has proven what many indigenous cultures have long known; that the outdoors is profoundly good for us on all levels. Combining Mindfulness practices in the outdoors assists to strengthen our bond with nature and, in doing so, can also improve our understanding and stewardship of the natural systems we all depend upon for our health and well-being.   

Workshops, Lectures and Retreats: Either operating independently or in combination with other teachers, I am regularly providing workshops, lectures and retreats of various lengths that can be modified to suit any audience. Please visit my Mindful Warrior and Workshops and Retreats pages for more information on these specific services.   

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