'The Coventry Police Department had Alistair Sweeney come to teach a workshop regarding Mindfulness and Mental Resilience. Many officers were skeptical about doing a training involving meditation and yoga. Alistair’s background as a soldier helped them to have an open mind and give it a shot. By the end of the training, even the most doubtful officers in the room had smiles on their faces, and everyone gave positive feedback about the training. Some even suggested that we continue this type of training regularly. Alistair’s unique background made his workshop especially accessible to police officer’s and first responders. I recommend him as a resource to introduce this material to your staff.'

Officer Russell M. Iger, Officer Wellness Committee, Coventry Police Department

'I have had the opportunity to observe Alistair Sweeney while he led a number of probation officers through mindfulness training as a way of managing stress. It was wonderful to observe the change in the demeanor of some skeptical participants as they worked through the exercises. The change from tension to relaxation was almost palpable. The consensus was that the exercises were extremely helpful in achieving a sense of calm and alertness. I highly recommend his training for all public safety personnel.'

Louise C. Pyers, Founder and Executive Director, Connecticut Alliance to Benefit Law Enforcement (CABLE)

'Your breathing techniques are particularly helpful and anyone would benefit from your workshop. I look forward to your next one.'
Carolyn, Yoga for the Management of Stress and Anxiety Workshop Participant

'You are the best Yoga teacher I have come across, I really mean that.'

Kathy, Yoga class participant

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