Facilitating learning as well as experiential workshops and retreats, I share only what I have gained through experience. This includes Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation practices as well as specialized workshops and retreats focused on trauma-conscious, male gatherings as well as Military, Veterans and First Responders (including their families).

In my workshops and retreats I aim to not only provide access to specific ancient teachings and practices aimed to serve all people, my intent is also to create a space where everyone feels free to openly express and learn more about themselves as well as connect with others.     

My aim is to provide the opportunity for all people to learn how to take these practices off the mat and into their everyday lives. Guiding participants during and after these workshops and retreats as they integrate these teachings and practices into their life. 

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​Tel (US): +1 (475) 655-5294

Tel (NZ): +64 27 221 6483


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